EV Series® Air Conditioners

Certified for General Purpose – UL Listed

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RoHS Compliant

The next evolution of cutting edge design is here. The EV, known to the industry as the Evolution Series, from Ice Qube is a UL-certified for general purpose use air conditioner taking our product line to new levels. Just as the V Series did back in 1995, the EV Series® is revolutionizing the industry and breaking boundaries. The EV Series® utilizes Ice Qube’s new Subpanel Airflow Technology (SAFT), Vibration Reduction Longevity Technology (VRLT), centrifugal fans, higher airflow rates, and rotary compressors to optimize efficiency, durability, and reliability.

The EV Series® is offered in 1000-20000 Btu/h (293-5861 Watts) of closed-loop cooling capacity and mounting widths ranging from 9.85”-18” (250-459mm).  The new EV Series® has the industry’s highest operating temperature of 140°F/60°C to endure the harshest of environments worldwide.

Evolution Series

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