Hazardous Duty Enclosures, Air Conditioners, Heat Exchangers, and Integration

Automation and data collection of our roadways is becoming more popular as autonomous vehicles, improvement of traffic flow, and toll collection are implemented. Ice Qube can provide you with a turnkey solution to support your ITS (intelligent transportation systems) infrastructure via our climate control, enclosures, and integration services.  


With our standard line of NEMA Type 12, 3R, 4, 4x and IP66 enclosures combined with our ability to make completely custom enclosures in aluminum, carbon steel, 304L and 316L stainless allows us to provide you with exactly what you need. The NetworkQUBE is a family of enclosures designed to be modular as your needs grow. The modular NetworkQUBE maintains an industry leading low profile while giving you the most amount of rack space for your ITS equipment. This reduces the space in the field for your ITS equipment, preventing you from taking up valuable floor space, exterior space, or from acquiring additional space in the field. Ice Qube’s IndustriQUBE is our standard line of industrial enclosures that support the industrial side of your system such as equipment needing to be mounted to a back panel.  


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Air Conditioners  

There are many challenges when putting equipment next to a road in the hottest of environments to the coldest of them. Ice Qube can ensure your ITS equipment I protected from the elements with our enclosures and ensure they are kept at the appropriate temperature no matter what the ambient temperature may be. Stay in the know with what is happening in your enclosure with Ice Qube’s ethernet controller with optional redundant and lead lag functions for optimal performance and reliability. In addition to temperature, corrosion is a large challenge with any enclosure let alone those that are next to the ocean and/or along a roadway that is treated with salt during harsh winters. Ice Qube can ensure your system will last longer than the others with our CP3 corrosive package and ability to produce 316L and Aluminum coated products. Ice Qube’s climate control can support your system in harsh environments (NEMA Type 3R, 4, 4X and IP66) to the cleanest of environments (NEMA Type 12). With the industry’s highest operating ambient temperature AC, the industry’s smallest AC, and the industry’s slimmest AC, we can accomplish smaller footprints and industry leading efficiencies. Further saving you valuable space and money.  

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Heat Exchangers 

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Engineering and Integration Services 

Ice Qube provides end to end services for your project. Starting with engineering exactly what you are looking for to the execution of integrating the final product before it is shipped to you. We have a full team if engineering and integration specialist who have 40 years of experience in engineering and integrating. We have a wide range of experience from simple PLC programming and integration to complicated hazardous duty analyzer testing, programming, and integration. This knowledge and experience allow Ice Qube to provide you with what you need for your Intelligent Transportation System.   


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