MSCCT Described

Multi Surface Cold Core Technology, otherwise known as MSCCT, is engineered and manufactured in-house by Ice Qube. MSCCT was developed by Ice Qube to outperform the industry standard and become the new industry standard. Traditional heat pipe and/or kinetic like heat exchanger technology is now considered by Ice Qube and the industry as inferior technology due to Ice Qube’s MSCCT development. Heat pipe and/or kinetic like systems utilize fin, tube, and refrigerant to make heat transfer to the air. This means that the heat must transfer through three mediums before it transfers the heat which makes the heat transfer slower and less efficient. This technology was utilized in Ice Qube’s heat exchangers back in 2000, and after developing our more efficient and reliable MSCCT, we left the conventionally inferior methods behind.

MSCCT utilizes multiple thermodynamic surfaces, folding techniques, and thermodynamic materials to achieve its revolutionary performance levels. Ice Qube’s direct air to MSCCT uses only one medium to transfer heat which makes the heat transfer much faster and more efficient. MSCCT protects the environment while increasing efficiency and reliability. The environment benefits from Zero Ozone Depletion Potential (ODP), Zero Global Warming Potential (GWP), and Zero possibility of fluid leakage resulting in loss of cooling capacity. MSCCT allows for increased performance with a constant gradient heat transfer based on the scientific Kelvin (°K) temperature differential by utilizing both conductive and convective methods of heat transfer. MSCCT also allows for Ice Qube to eliminate several moving parts compared to the inferior technology. The reduction of moving parts further separates MSCCT from the industry in that reliability is increased and service is decreased.

Ice Qube’s heat exchangers utilize our MSCCT to provide 75% or more energy savings per BTU or Watt when compared to vapor compression cooling systems all while at a lower cost. This further translates into a shorter return on investment (ROI), energy savings over the life of the product may provide a 100% ROI when compared to other types of cooling technologies. Ice Qube’s closed loop heat exchangers utilize our MSCCT to help maintain your applications NEMA or IP integrity protecting your sensitive equipment from contaminants in the surrounding atmosphere. Ice Qube offers both cross flow and counter flow heat exchanger designs, ranging from 5.5 to 105.5 Watts/°F (9.9 to 189.9 Watts/°C) of closed-loop cooling capacity.

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5.5-83 Watts/°F (9.9-149.4 Watts/°C)

16.7-105.5 Watts/°F (30.06-189.9 Watts/°C)