Industrial and Telecom Enclosures

Quality Products & Services

Ice Qube, Inc. has been proudly manufacturing climate control and enclosure solutions, expertly designed and meticulously crafted for critical applications since 1995. Our innovative solutions serve a wide variety of industries, including telecom, oil and gas, energy, water, wastewater, industrial automation, process automation, energy storage, pharmaceutical, digital signage, packaging, food and beverage, and retail. Ice Qube’s climate control solutions include the world’s smallest and slimmest packaged air conditioners, the industry’s only true variable speed 48VDC air conditioners, the industry’s highest ambient operating air conditioners and heat exchangers, Hazardous Location climate control for Zone 1, Zone 2, CIZ2, and CID2 with ATEX/IECEx/AEx, and UL certifications. Our enclosure solutions comprise of two categories: IndustriQUBE® for the industrial marketplace and NetworkQUBE® for the telecom and network marketplace. Our passionate team of designers, engineers, manufacturers, and sales associates, work hard to provide you with the most advanced, highest quality service, and cost-effective climate control and enclosure solutions to ensure your business can function at its highest capacity.

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