Surface Vertical Mount Heat Exchangers

Ice Qube’s full line of Surface Vertical Mount heat exchangers, otherwise known as our Blade Series, are designed to mount on the side, front, back, or door of enclosures/applications. Ice Qube’s Surface Vertical Mount heat exchangers range from 5.7-83 Watts/°F (10.3-149.4 Watts/°C) of closed-loop cooling capacity. At a 40°F/22.2°C temperature differential (ΔT) from the interior of the application to the ambient side this further translates to 777.5-11321.2 Btu/h (228-3320 Watts) of closed-loop cooling capacity. Service Vertical Mount references how the heat exchanger mounts vertically on the enclosure/application.

  • 57 Watts/°F (102.6 Watts/°C)
  • 7774 Btu/h (2280 Watts) ∆T 40°F/22.2°C
  • Multi Surface Cold Core Technology (MSCCT)
  • Cross Flow
  • 5.7-83 watts/°F (10.3-149.4 Watts/°C)
  • 777-11321 Btu/h (228-3320 Watts) ∆T 40°F/22.2°C
  • Multi Surface Cold Core Technology (MSCCT)
  • Counter Flow

Closed-Loop Cooling is the process of taking heated air into the heat exchanger by a powerful blower/fan where heat and moisture are removed as it passes through the heat exchanger. The air is then recirculated back into the enclosure/application. This process of cooling maintains the NEMA integrity of the enclosure/application.

*All of Ice Qube’s products are independent agency tested, listed, and/or certified. Before our products are sent out for testing at independent agencies, Ice Qube utilizes our multiple in-house testing chambers. Our in-house testing chambers ensure that all our products meet and/or exceed independent agency testing standards before independent agencies verify all testing.