Blade Series (B-CF) Heat Exchangers

Operates Under AC and/or DC Input

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RoHS Compliant

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Ice Qube’s Blade Series (B-CF) heat exchangers were designed by our engineers to incorporate Inset Surface Vertical Mount integration. The Inset Surface Vertical Mount integration allows for the B-CF Series to maintain a flush profile to part of the unit protruding from the application. The B-CF Series utilizes our Multi Surface Cold Core Technology (MSCCT) and come with both an AC input and DC input.

These uniquely designed heat exchangers are ideal for any industry where AC power is available and DC battery power is used for backup. If AC power only is applied, the heat exchanger will operate. If DC power only is applied, the heat exchanger will operate. If both AC and DC power are applied, the heat exchanger will operate on AC power as a default. If the AC power fails, the heat exchanger will automatically switch to the DC power, continuing to operate until the AC power is restored.

The standard digital controller will vary the speed of both ambient and enclosure side fans as the internal heat load increases and decreases. This makes the B-CF Series is the most efficient on the market. The B-CF Series ranges from 16.7-105.5 Watts per °F (29.52-189.9 Watts per °C) of closed-loop cooling capacity. At a 40°F/22.2°C temperature differential (ΔT) from the interior of the application to the ambient side this further translates to 2277.88-14390.2 Btu/h (668-4220 Watts) of closed-loop cooling capacity. The B-CF Series has a compact extruded mounting depth of 0”-1.815” (0-46.1mm) and a full unit depth of 5.69”-9.70” (145-246mm).

Blade Series

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